Sunday School Classes

Christian Fellowship

We use the Adult Bible Studies from the United Methodist Publishing House to discover the richness of God’s Words as we study together. We meet at 9:15 in the Parlor. About three or four times a year, we meet for informal fellowship. We would be happy
to have you join us some time soon.

Lively Word

Do you like to talk or, perhaps, just listen? The Lively Word Sunday School Class may be for you because our name is very appropriate. We are presently a small group that shares study, coffee, and conversation. Sometimes, we forgo the study to discuss
something a member has read or simply wants to share with the group. We take turns leading different studies, but you won’t be required to lead. We are located in Founder’s Hall. We are presently varied in marital status and in age. We are old
enough be serious, and young enough at heart to laugh. Our door and fellowship is always open. Is it time for you to step through?


The Seekers Sunday School Class teacher, Betty Johnson, is leading the class studying the Bible, from Genesis through Revelations. We meet at 9:15 in the Education Wing, Room B19. Cards are also sent for different occasions. We would like to have you
join our class if you are interested.

Other Classes

Prayer / Bible Study Group

The group meets on Wednesday evenings at 6:30 p.m. in the Education Wing, Room B19. We read scripture suggested in the Upper Room, read the Upper Room for that day, pray the prayer and discuss the scripture. We pray for people who are ill and people with
other problems, both in our church and for anyone who requests prayer. Prayer letters are mailed and letting people know that we have prayed for them on that day. If you would be interested in participating, come next Tuesday at 1:00 p.m. If you
have any questions, please see Betty Eshbaugh or call 683-3519.


These are short term classes and developed from a variety of subjects and themes.