Sunday School Classes

Children from preschool through middle school participate in Bible lessons to help them grow in their faith. Using learning centers, children experience the Bible story through arts, cooking, science, storytelling and viedo. Sunday School begins
with all the children together for music from 9:15 – 9:30 a.m. in the Sanctuary. Then the children go by age groups to a learning center.

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Worship Service


An acolyte is a boy or girl who assists the minister during the time of worship. The word acolyte comes from the Greek word Akolouthas, meaning follower, attendant, keeper or helper. The use of acolytes gives dignity and meaning to the worship service
and could inspire both boys and girls to dedicate their lives to the service of Christ and his church.

The service for which acolytes are best know is the lighting of the candles on the altar. The acolytes are instructed to light the candle to the right of the cross first and then the one on the left and when extinguishing to reverse the order. The
two candles symbolize the twofold nature of Christ: his human and divine status. At the end of the service, the acolytes carry the lighted tapers in a recession, symbolizing taking the light of Christ out into the world. This can also express
the church going out to serve.

At Mt. Vernon United Methodist Church we use two acolytes. These acolytes come from grades second through fifth with some sixth grades choosing to continue. The experience can be a rewarding one with an impact for the future.


Two adult staff, assisted by volunteers, care for the infants and toddlers (up to 3 years old) during Sunday School and the 10:30 Worship Service. Children learn about God’s love through those who nurture and play with them. Volunteers must be middle
school age or older.


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