Do you enjoy making music? Have a musical talent you would like to share with us? We would love to have you join us in our music ministry!  You don’t have to be a professional vocalist to come and sing with us in the Chancel Choir! All levels of skill and experience are encouraged, from novice to advance. The Chancel Choir meets on Wednesday nights for rehearsals, and for a brief warm-up/recap session on Sunday mornings prior to the 2nd service, September through May. The choir sings for our 2nd service from September through July, but for the months of June and July the only rehearsal is on Sunday mornings at 10:10, just prior to singing for 2nd service.  About once a month, the choir comes early and sings for 1st service, also. The choir is given a complete break/hiatus during the month of August from rehearsals and performances, and participates in putting together several special musical productions or cantatas throughout the year!

The Bell Choir meets on Wednesday nights for rehearsal from September through the first part of May, and rings during worship about once a month, and for special productions and events. The only pre-requisite here is that you are a music reader. The Bell Choir goes on hiatus from June through August.  If you are interested in participating with our beautiful “Sanctuary Bell Choir” team, please contact the Director of Music, Tim Raymond for more information!

Our incredible Mt. Vernon Orchestra is made up of mostly locally based music-industry professionals, and a few intermediates. We are one of the few churches in the city who are blessed to enjoy the musical accompaniment and involvement of a full professional-quality orchestra in their worship services.  The Orchestra meets for rehearsal on select Sunday mornings at 9:15 AM for rehearsal, in preparation for that day’s 2nd service. The Orchestra performs about once a month for worship, and for special productions, cantatas, musicals, and events. The days the orchestra plays for 2nd service worship are referred to as: “Orchestra-On!” Sundays. Like the choir, the orchestra is on break/hiatus for the month of August. If you are an intermediate to advanced musician, and would like to participate with us and our very talented musicians, please contact the Director of Music, Tim Raymond for more information!

Our Special Ensembles consist of the wonderfully talented trio: “Psalm“, the lovely blend and harmonies of our Mt. Vernon Ladies’ Sextet & Octet, and the fun Southern-Gospel styles and rich sounds of our Mt. Vernon Men’s Quartet!  These special ensembles are hand-picked by the director, but if you are interested in participation with one of these special groups, we encourage you to contact the Director of Music, Tim Raymond for an audition, and for more information regarding specifics. The ensembles rotate regarding singing for worship services, and also their rehearsal times, which usually follows choir rehearsal on Wednesday nights.

We look forward to seeing you at rehearsals and Sunday worship! “Make A Joyful Noise!”

~Tim Raymond / Director of Music



•  Bell Choir:  6:30-7:30 PM

•  Chancel Choir:  7:30-8:30 PM

•  Special Ensembles:  8:30-9:30 PM


•  Orchestra: (Select “Orchestra-On” Sundays) from 9:15 to 10:20 AM, then play for 2nd service, which begins at: 10:30 AM.

•  Choir: 10:10 AM for warm-up/recap rehearsal, followed by singing for worship (2nd service) at: 10:30 AM.  Approximately once a month, meet @ 7:45 AM for warm-up to sing for 1st service (8:00 AM), also.

•  Bells: 7:30 AM for warm-up rehearsal, prior to playing for 1st service (8:00 AM), and 2nd service (10:30 AM), once a month.