Higher Education Scholarship


To encourage and aid in higher education for members and currently active participants of Mt. Vernon United Methodist Church.

Initial Eligibility Requirements

Member or currently active participant of Mt. Vernon United Methodist Church New college/university students: high school diploma or equivalent degree Returning college/university students: 2.5 GPA in college/university coursework Enrollment as
full-time student (at least 12 hours)

Application Deadline

Applications should be submitted to the church office by July 15.

Scholarship Amount

The amount of the scholarship will be $500 total for the academic year with $250 being dispersed in the fall semester and $250 in the spring semester. Payment is made directly to the institute of higher education.

In order to receive the spring disbursement, the student must submit fall semester grades to the church office before the beginning of the spring semester. A GPA of 2.5 must be maintained. Student must continue to be enrolled as a full-time student
(at least 12 hours) in the spring semester. Scholarship may be reapplied for each academic year. Reapplication in subsequent years does not guarantee an ongoing award.

Award Process

Submit application to the church office by July 15. Application is available on the church website at www.wichitamtvernonumc.org/scholarships/ or from the church office. Submit supporting documentation (if required) with application. An applicant
may be a traditional or nontraditional student. This scholarship is awarded based on the participation of the applicant at Mt. Vernon United Methodist Church (not the participation of the family). The Scholarship Committee will make the final
decision on scholarship awards.


Please contact Mt. Vernon United Methodist Church during office hours at (316) 681-8141.

Download an Application